From butterflies and tribal art to conceptual realism and dot work, Indian tattooing has come a long distance in the last decade or so, but on the national map, tattoos are still largely a societal taboo. And if you are tattooed, you know very well what I am implying here.

While you chew off all your nails in anticipation of getting the next tattoo done, the ordeals begin once you have got them. So here, I have made an incomplete list of things we have to go through for love – the love of tattoos.

1. People asking several times a day if it hurt

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2. The looks you get from people in trains

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3. Family dinners are not the same anymore

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4. Your job prospects are henceforth doubtful

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5. When you meet the “I want to get a small something” crowd

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6. When you tell your mom the story behind the tattoo

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7. Getting your forearm tattooed, and then wearing full sleeves to protect it from sun

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8. You’re a couple days into healing and you hit a sensitive spot

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9. Checking every 15 minutes if the scabs have formed or not

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10. When your tattoo has finally healed

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11. Your artist’s face when you tell him, “I want another one”

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