Getting a tattoo is like getting a new painting except that you place the painting on the wall whereas you use the body as a bare canvass for tattooing. In old days, tattoos were common amongst sailors, bikers, and criminals. Today, theyare becoming popular amongst all classes of society irrespective of race, religion and ethnicity.  As long as there is internet, the tattoo community is well connected and inspiring tattoo designs are uploaded, shared and used for new tattoos every day. Men and women like to show their tattoos to their friends. Even celebrities are getting in to the act and flaunting tattoos to cameras and posting in their social network.English footballer David Beckham has decorated his body with 40 tattoos and entertains his fans by posting picturesof them on Instagram. Tattoo designs can be original and creative. They can also be taken off the net or from a book that tattoo artists keep in their shops. Tattoos always carry certain meanings that can be associated with the person who wears them. Because they are permanent and long lasting tattoos will stay in your memory for ever, sometimes remind you of your loved ones or challenges that you faced in life. Flowers, animals, banners, Chinese symbols, and Hebrew and Sanskrit scripts are commonly used for tattooing. While tattoo has become a fad, there are some signs of getting a tattoo. Read this article and give a thought on the following questions. In your best interest you should know the best place to get a tattoo.

  1. Have you done your research?


You have always wanted to get a tattoo and show it to your friends, but where do you start? The first step towards tattooing is to start researching on tattoo shops and artists. Try to look for a shop that is clean, airy, and bright. Don’t go for the one located in a paltry basement where there is no light or air. The cleaner the tattoo parlour the less are the chances of getting a skin infection. Ensure that the artist you are working with knows how to do the job. Check their portfolios, read reviews on them, familiarize yourself with their work and look for designs that appeal you most. If you are not happy about something, then keep searching for other places until you find the best place to get a tattoo. Then make an appointment and put it in your calendar. Don’t give up on it. You need to make it happen.

  1. Have you educated yourself?


You are looking for your favourite design and you found something attractive on the internet that has been circulating for quite some time. Now, you want to get it inked on your skin. But, wait a minute. You are not the only one with that particular tattoo. There are millions of bodies around the world having that. Try digging deeper when searching for the perfect design. You can pick up a tattoo magazine which has all the information you needed. Only few talented artists will have their profiles in tattoo magazines and you will definitely find some original exotic designs. Putting in the extra effort is worth the time. It will fetch you the killer design that youalways wanted.

  1. Are you going timeless with your tattoo?

Think of your future. You are going to choose a design that will remain with you forever. You are in the teens and decide to go for a trendy teenager-style design. But, how will it look on you when you are in the forties? You will probably be embarrassed and try to cover it. Pick up tattoo designs that will suit you for lifelong. A timeless tattoo will cherish your memory even after you become a grandparent and will remind of your childhood.If you are supplying your own design then take a visual example with you, like printout or a sketch, and discuss in details with the artist. You know the best place to get a tattoo. Theywill be able to customize the design for you.

  1. Do you see any job-stoppers?


You are in a situation in your life when you are seeking a job, but are tattoos desirable at all work places? You might want to think about that. Tattoos are unfavourable at many conservative work environments and you do not want to jeopardize your chances of getting a job. The best you can do is getting a tattoo on an area that can be concealed by your clothes. The upper arm or chest might be a good area but definitely not on your neck or knuckle.

  1. Do you have an open mind?

You have picked up an artist whose tattoo designs have caught your attention. Always remember tattooists are pro in their field and they know what is best for your body. You give them some idea and they will design it for you. They may tweak your idea and improve the design. It’s your best interest to listen to them carefully. If you are not happy with their style of thinking then don’t accept the job. If both of you end up in a deadlock,then don’t commit to the artist and find another one since you know the best place to get a tattoo.

  1. Have you researched the price?

You need to be cautious at times while getting a tattoo. If you see a suspicious looking cheap parlour, then avoid at any cost.Some tattooist will ink your body for a measly amount but it may not work out in your favour. There are chances that they will be cutting corners that you are unable to see. Always pick up on the best artist, one that is reliable, reasonable and clean because you are going to trust your body with them. You are going to get a tattoo and not a TV or a car. Tattoos are there with you for rest of your life and you don’t want to spoil your mood.

  1. Do you have patience?


You need to have patience when getting tattooed. Getting a tattoo in a hurry is not a good idea. Later in life, you don’t want to regret a tattoo mistake that you made when you were young. As said earlier, do all the research and hunt for the right shop, artist and tattoo designs.Do a lot of planning and give yourself a week for that. If you found a design then take some time and ask yourself everyday if this is the right one for you. If you change your mind then you should choose another design or artist or maybe hold off your plans.

  1. Are you prepared for getting a tattoo?

You have found the best place to get a tattoo.Tattooing is a nasty process, so ensure that you are prepared for it when the time comes. At the parlour you will be sitting for hours ifthe piece is complicated, and you want to have your mind on it. Make sure that you are mentally ready for the process so that you can get through it. Fear and panic will only spoil the experience, so breathe deeply, get ready for an itchy scratch, and you will find that it is not as bad as expected.  Also, it is important to be healthy. Having few drinks or getting sunburnt before tattooing is definitely not recommended. Hangover will add to pain and make the process more unpleasant. Finally, avoid going alone if you got the nerves. Take a friend with you to the parlour, one who has been tattooed before. They can be trusted, will talk to you and walk you through the tattooing process. If you are getting tattooed on an area that you cannot see, then you friend will dictate you the progress.

  1. Are you ready to start with a small tattoo?


If you found the best place to get a tattoo and are tattooing for the first time, then you might want to be little careful. Don’t be too excited of a tattoo that is trendy, complicated and sophisticated. Always start with a small one and get used to the tattooing experience. Feel how your body takes pain, how your skin heals, and how comfortable you are with friends and family. Don’t push yourself to the body’s limit by getting tattoos on bony areas. If you are a sensitive person, then avoid those sensitive areas of the body.

  1. Is this the perfect time of the year?

You might want to consider the timing of getting tattooed. Remember that exposure to sun and water can damage new tattoos. So, you want to avoid getting out in the sun, going to the beach, or dipping in a pool immediately after tattooing. Pick up a nice day so that you can keep the skin exposed to air until it is healed. Avoid wearing irritating fabric that will suppress healing. You may not want to be tattooed in winter.

Tattooing is a life changing experience. With plenty of tattoo designs to choose from, you get to display your self-expression and a constant reminder of your loved ones or happy moments in your life. Happy tattooing!

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