Mythological figures have always been a source of inspiration for art, in India. Cinema, literature, television and everything in between have always revolved plots around Ram, Krishna, Hanuman and so many more. But one entity who rules them all, when it comes to pop culture is Lord Shiva. And when it comes to tattoos, Shiva is probably the most widespread mythological motif in India.

Generally placed on upper arms, Shiva tattoos symbolise and represent varied sentiments, beliefs and faiths. Here are 10 amazing Shiva tattoos that will simply blow away your eyes.

1 This tattoo by Eric Jason Dsouza is full power

Image Credit: Iron Buzz Tattoos, Mumbai

2 Serenity at its best. Tattoo done by Mukesh of Moksha tattoo studio.

Image Credit: Moksha Tattoo Studio

3 Not many artists venture out of realism with Shiva tattos. But Sunny Bhanushali thinks otherwise…

Image Credit: Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai

4 And that’s how you colour it. Amazing water colour shiva tattoo by Sameer Patange.

Image Credit: Kraayonz Tattoo Studios, Mumbai

5 One of the few artists who does not believe in digitally enhanced photos of tattoos, Zaheer Chhatriwala shows how good tattoos don’t need make-up.

Image Credit: Zaheer Chhatriwala

6 That face though. Again, amazing work by Eric Jason Dsouza.

Image Credit: Iron Buzz Tattoos, Mumbai

7 A Shiva motif we don’t see that often in tattoos. Duncan Viegas beautifully illustrates Shiva in taandav.

Image Credit: Inkfidel Tattoo, Goa

8 Photo realism doesn’t get much better than this. Tattoo by the amazing Rahul Ghare.

Image Credit: Rahul Ghare

9 You can almost hear Shiva scream in this tattoo by Yogesh Waghmare.

Image Credit: Leo Tattoos, Mumbai

10 Mind = blown. Tattoo by Atul Parte.

Image Credit: Inksane Tattoo Studio, Navi Mumbai
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